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(as of 03/01/2014)

1979 2014

Our 35th Class reunion will take place July 26, 2014 at Western Lakes Golf Club.

Mark your calendars.

Watch for your invitation the first week of March.
If your address has changed, please contact Kim Mason, jmason1@wi.rr.com.
Also, if you are on Facebook, please join our Facebook Group, Waukesha South High School class of 1979.

Feel free to update your contact info on the "profile form"

If you have any information on any "Lost" classmates from the 
Address Book page, please send us that information too.  This will greatly help the committee in 
planning our next reunion.  
Thank you - the reunion committee!


As we are unable to post all of the pictures that are submitted at the same time on this web site,
they can be viewed, printed, emailed and purchased through ofoto.com (a Kodak company).
To access that link please send your request to jmason1@wi.rr.com.
You will receive an email back with instructions on how to set up your "FREE" ofoto account.
With your free account at ofoto you will be able to view all of the photos that have been submitted.
There are also some pictures posted there from the Brewers game during our senior year.

30th Reunion survey
Please use the profile form form to submit any changes to your address, phone, email,etc.

Class Directory
We have an online "Class of 1979" Directory on this website.
Please check on the profile form if you would like to be listed in the
online directory along with your "mini-bio".

Please continue to send in changes for the online directory or
any announcements, etc. We will update the information we receive
on a regular basis. This will help the committee tremendously in planning future
reunion events, and for classmates to stay in touch!

Please check back often for updates and for 30th year reunion information.

Please contact Class of 1979 with any new information about you or your family.

Go to the profile form to update your information for the class address book.

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